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You are on camera

In Great Britain, if you visit a cinema, you’re likely on camera now. Two of the biggest companies have installed CCTVs inside the cinema halls, claiming it “prevents crime”. I still don’t get how cameras can do that, but that … Continue reading

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Weswegen? – Deswegen!

Wie oft macht man sich schon Gedanken über Sprache? Ich recht häufig. Es ist eines meiner Interessengebiete. Da ich in Island arbeite, habe ich das Glück, daß ich ständig mit Fremdsprachen konfrontiert bin – sei es nun Englisch oder eben … Continue reading

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“etch-and-a-half”, Debian Etch R4 released

If you can, use apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade in some kind of sandbox (“lab-conditions”). For me everything went smooth. // Oliver

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Stephan Derrick und Harry Klein

Als DDR-Kind, kannte ich Derrick natürlich nicht wirklich. Okay, davon gehört … schon. Aber geguckt? Hmm, vielleicht hatte ich aus Versehen mal reingezappt. Muß aber dann langweilig gewesen sein. Einerlei. Island ist klein. Weil Island so klein ist, werden hier … Continue reading

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“A brilliant composer, songwriter, singer” ….. NOT!

Last weekend, as a temporary spectator at what you could call a bachelorette’s party, I was introduced to Icelandic “artist” Leoncie and the Icelandic version of this song (luckily it was a double 😉 – and in this case was … Continue reading

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Anti-phishing techniques – or how to defeat the purpose of IDNs

International Domain Names (IDNs) are attractive. They allow people to express themselves in the multitude of languages which this planet has to offer. However, they also allow scammers and phishers to trick you into believing a particular domain name is … Continue reading

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Sterbehilfe illegalisieren?

Wie kommt es, daß insbesondere Unionspolitiker wie Herr Oettinger sich gegen Sterbehilfe aussprechen? Geschieht dies aus dem Kalkül des Kapitalisten heraus, daß jeder tote Bürger quasi den ROI (Return of Investment) mindert? Oder hat es mit den christlichen “Werten” zu … Continue reading

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A clarification – because it is needed

Almost one month ago I wrote a blog post. Some people more or less took offence by it. In German we have a saying that goes like this “Wem der Schuh paßt, der zieht ihn sich an.” – which translates … Continue reading

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Keine Angst – es geht uns doch gut

Da es nicht etwa so ist, daß viele Deutsche der Mittelschicht und drunter Zukunftsangst wegen der sich abzeichnenden Inflation haben, kann sicher auch nicht behauptet werden, daß die durch die Gegner des Grundgesetzes vorangetriebene Totalerfassung der Bürger, ihrer Kommunikation, ihrer … Continue reading

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CreateRemoteThread, Vista and separate sessions

Recently I’ve hit a wall during development. I had written a nice workaround for a problem, based on code injection. In fact the code wasn’t injected by loading a DLL but instead by loading relocatable (32bit) code of less than … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with Obama?

It seems Germans are overly enthusiastic about the visit of presumptive US presidential candidate Barack Obama. Obviously no German has a say in the election, but putting that fact aside, it is still astonishing how enthusiastic many Germans are. I … Continue reading

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Just a test сніжок.net PS: If the URL looks horrible, it’s Firefox or IE. No further comment 😉 Update: link removed.

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CSimpleBuf, a C++ utility class under BSD license

Today I am happy to announce the release of a C++ buffer class that is of special use for interfacing with Windows system functions. The class is a template class and thus only one header file is needed. The template … Continue reading

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Windows in XEN domU on laptop, using screen and VGA?

Does anyone among my readers have a clue whether or not it is possible to set up XEN in a way so it will pass control over the screen to a domU to which I want to assign it? It … Continue reading

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It was a bit of trouble to get it done, even after my purchase was approved. But I have ît now 🙂 Here I just want to share the information with you, since the FAQ on the GoDaddy website wasn’t … Continue reading

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Two weeks after beta: IDA Pro 5.3 released

Those who haven’t heard the news, get your update now. Here’s a link to the update-request page. NB: According to Ilfak, the debugger has seen major improvements. // Oliver PS: Don’t forget to get the new SDK and the support … Continue reading

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Ziemlich effektiv

Der “Patch” den ich für mein GMX-Konto benutze hat sich als ziemlich effektiv herausgestellt. Alle 10min loggt sich mein Perlskript (es benutzt Mail::IMAPClient via SSL) bei GMX ein und sortiert alle Ham-Mails aus dem Spamverdacht in den entsprechenden Unterordner. Seitdem … Continue reading

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Nice work! Found hardware keylogger in a DELL laptop.

Read the full story here. DHS denying request under FOIA. PS: If you read the scanned document closely, you notice the two times 8-digit “file number” which could be a date. If this was state of the art three years … Continue reading

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Very thorough anti-fraud department ;)

I just ordered a five-pack of SSL certificates at a few days ago because they have the best offer in that the price is nice and the browsers they cover are virtually 100% of all browsers. The remaining close-to-zero … Continue reading

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Saving the world?

Programs of a new type have been created by different companies recently. The first I am aware of was developed in 2006 and violated the GPL back then. More of them seem to be offered all the time. These programs … Continue reading

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