A clarification – because it is needed

Almost one month ago I wrote a blog post. Some people more or less took offence by it. In German we have a saying that goes like this “Wem der Schuh paßt, der zieht ihn sich an.” – which translates to “He whom the shoe fits puts it on.” (see German proverbs).

One thing, however, seems to require clarification: this is a private blog, these are my views and opinions, no one persuaded me to write anything (it’s called free will), nor do I allow anyone to take any influence on the topics I write or don’t write about (I have enough interests to cover more than enough topics, the Earth days usually just don’t have enough hours).

Feel offended? Does “the jacket” fit? I didn’t disclose any identities. Intentionally so! However, my identity is not concealed. So it depends solely on you (i.e. the offended people) how public you want to go. Feel free to do so, but think a bit more thoroughly this time instead of threatening anew uninvolved people

// Oliver

PS: Comments intentionally disabled for this post. Direct contact here.

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