“A brilliant composer, songwriter, singer” ….. NOT!

Last weekend, as a temporary spectator at what you could call a bachelorette’s party, I was introduced to Icelandic “artist” Leoncie and the Icelandic version of this song (luckily it was a double 😉 – and in this case was good for my peace of mind … you’ll understand in a moment). It’s pretty rare that you can hear such music openly, but an Icelandic friend told me the story behind Leoncie that explains it all.

The music itself was rather … traumatizing … and at the same time funny, because it is soooo bizarre. Just check out what is allegedly her channel on Youtube (especially the self-description). She’s soooo famous, despite that music. Yeah, I know … taste differs. However, I am used to all kinds of voices, sounds and appearances and they vary a lot. When almost everyone’s gone I tend to crank up the volume in the office and listen to Mozart’s Magic Flute, the violin and horn concertos or Vivaldi, Telemann and other baroque composers’ music as well as Apocalyptica, Manowar, Nightwish, Rhapsody, ELO, Weltenbrand, Elis, Deine Lakaien, ABBA, Poeta Magica, Haggard, Krless, Blind Guardian, Blackmore’s Night and a lot more (sometimes in shuffle-mode). So it’s not that I have the most exquisite taste … I like what I like. But I also know what I dislike. Leoncie made it into that category in no-time. The Barbarella/Valkyrie/Viking-bride/80s-disco look (or mixture thereof) didn’t really work in her favor either in this case. 😯

Now the approximate story – not to say saga – behind Leoncie according to a native Icelander 😉 …

She came to Iceland in the 1980s and performed as the first stripper and apparently unusually open (for the time and location). This was new to the Icelanders who suffer from the long dark winter days^Wnights and thus much appreciated. :mrgreen: … consequently she acquired some minor fame … just until she started making music. The only reason Icelanders buy the albums which are performed in Icelandic is because they are so bizarre, I am told. I was also told that she was making fun of Iceland in her songs because she felt being treated badly. With that music I really can’t imagine anyone treating the musician badly … … I mean: hey 😆

Well, while I can understand this type of curiosity which also keeps you watching at other horrible things even though they’re horrible, if no one bought the albums, maybe she’d stop making them? 🙄 Just think of it that way. :mrgreen:

I for one like the chill of a good horror movie, but the chills I got from her clips are of a different nature *urgh*

// Oliver

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