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CSimpleBuf, a C++ utility class under BSD license

Today I am happy to announce the release of a C++ buffer class that is of special use for interfacing with Windows system functions. The class is a template class and thus only one header file is needed. The template … Continue reading

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F-PROT Antivirus for Windows released

Just wanted the readers of my blog to know, that we released version of F-PROT Antivirus for Windows. This will be a staged release, as we currently have only released the English and Icelandic 32bit versions of the “Internet … Continue reading

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Gute Neuigkeiten

Heise meldet: unter dem Titel “GDatas Antivirenlösungen für Unternehmen ohne Kaspersky-Scanner” … “[…] Stattdessen setzen die Produkte für Unternehmen in den aktuellen Versionen auf die F-Prot-Engine von Frisk […]”. Ich wußte es ja schon ein Weilchen, aber da es jetzt … Continue reading

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AV-workshop presentations available

As some of you may know, FRISK Software had invited professionals from the AV industry and AV testers to attend the “International Antivirus Testing Workshop” this week in Reykjavik. The workshop was held on tuesday and wednesday and I had … Continue reading

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Problems when upgrading F-Prot 3.x to 6.x?

The F-Prot 3.x uninstaller of the Windows version has apparently a glitch. Due to how Windows works, this may lead to a blue screen if the driver entry in the registry was not removed during an upgrade to version 6.x! … Continue reading

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F-PROT corporate use version released

Today, FRISK Software International (FSI) released in a not so surprising move – there have been rumors before – the F-PROT Antivirus for Windows, Corporate use which carries the version number, just as the recently released home use version. … Continue reading

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F-Prot updated to version

For those not having noticed it, F-Prot 6 for Windows was updated lately. There are several fixes included so it is highly recommended to update. Please be aware that after the installation you will be asked to restart. So consider … Continue reading

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