F-PROT Antivirus for Windows released

Just wanted the readers of my blog to know, that we released version of F-PROT Antivirus for Windows. This will be a staged release, as we currently have only released the English and Icelandic 32bit versions of the “Internet Update” and the – long awaited – “LAN Update”. The 64bit versions will follow shortly – most likely next Monday.

This version fixes several of the nuisances that have been reported for and, of course, in case of the “LAN version”, for Apart from that, several more languages will be supported and released in stages. This includes Czech, French, Italian, Polish. Two of these need still a finishing touch, but these are cosmetics and don’t change the actual program logic. And last, but not least, the engine has seen some major improvements, although the jump for the SC edition is of course considerably bigger than for the HC edition.

Windows Vista and 2008 Server are now fully supported, including – of course – SP1 on Vista.

I am told the trial versions of will be available shortly. For now, only the files in the customer zone have been updated.

// Oliver

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