You are on camera

In Great Britain, if you visit a cinema, you’re likely on camera now. Two of the biggest companies have installed CCTVs inside the cinema halls, claiming it “prevents crime”. I still don’t get how cameras can do that, but that seems to become the standard excuse for installing them everywhere. Ironic that this happens in the home country of George Orwell.

// Oliver

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6 Responses to You are on camera

  1. Siggi says:

    Just tell the RIAA that the UK is recording there movies and see how long that lasts 😉

    but try that excuse when you are the one recording. Why is that these things only work if you are a big company.

  2. Oliver says:

    Actually that one (i.e. someone may be filming the movie to “leak it”) is among the less popular excuses they made up. As if someone wants to see those bad-quality “screeners” anyway … 🙄

  3. Siggi says:

    The only way to fight this is to fight with your wallet. If people would actually care about it they would just not go to those cinemas. If you really want to see the movie wait until it comes out on DVD and hope by that time nobody has put a camera in your own house.

  4. Oliver says:

    You mean those DVDs that choose in which players they want to be played? 😆

  5. Siggi says:

    At least there you can watch it with friends for one price and in privacy if you so choose. but you are right we are screwed whatever we do.

    But there is a solution to this whole movie mess. Have a kid then you have no time to go to the movies and no time to watch DVD’s 🙂

  6. Chris says:

    It is said that there are cameras that can concentrate incoming light into a highly energetic ray which is also known as phaser. Some people say that these cameras can prevent crime by shooting the criminals in their limbs. The Police just has to find the brand on the skin – it says : “Got ya! This brand is sponsored by your favorite theater.” You can replace the sponsor’s name of course.

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