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Reykjavík, Nizza des Nordens

Kaum tauen die letzten Schneereste, wird Reykjavík wieder zum Nizza des Nordens: Hundekacke wo man geht und steht // Oliver PS: diese etwas eindimensionalen Eindrücke von Nizza rühren sicher daher, daß ich nicht “in der Saison” dort war.

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GNU screen to the rescue

So I’m talking to a veeeeery slow device over serial connection. Meanwhile I have managed to talk to it using kermit from within Linux – from within a GNU screen (actually byobu) session to be more precise. The output that … Continue reading

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Peculiar problems with mc under byobu

I’m using byobu on a daily basis, but occasionally I also use mc (Midnight Commander). Midnight Commander is a terminal-based two-panel file manager as they became well known with Norton Commander. If you look for a similar solution for Windows, … Continue reading

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So … PBXT or Aria?

I had changed the table storage engine format from MyISAM and InnoDB to PBXT for my blog and some other blogs I host. Little did I know. Of course WordPress will hide any and all errors from plain sight, so … Continue reading

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XMPP S2S with Google and no TLS?

I’m running an ejabberd instance and it’s configured to use TLS in S2S (server to server) communications. It works perfectly fine with, but Google’s server does not seem to like TLS. Very awkward. First I thought it may be … Continue reading

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F-Secure documentary about BRAIN

Watch it over here.

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iptables flowchart

Just uploaded a flowchart that shows the order of packet processing in iptables to my downloads. You can find it here. There is the Visio file from which I created it in the same folder, just in case you want … Continue reading

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Billiger StackOverflow-Abklatsch auf Deutsch

Einfügung (Update 2): liebe aufgebrachte Für die offensichtliche und unbewußte Täuschung durch meinen durch die Zeit zurückgereisten bösen Klon kann ich mich nur entschuldigen. Dieser Beitrag wurde im Original am 10.3. um 3:21 (UTC, also 4:21 dt. Zeit) eingestellt. … Continue reading

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Top ten disk space hogs in current folder

du -cks *|sort -rn|head -11|awk ‘{printf “%-8.2f MiB\t%s\n”, $1/1024, $2}’ NB: first item is the total size, so it outputs eleven lines. Update: a better version is this one: du -cks *|sort -rn|head -11|awk ‘{printf “%-8.2f MiB\t”, $1/1024;\ for(i=2; i

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WordPress/twentyten header image

Had some trouble with the built-in twentyten images. The header image is saved inside a serialized hash in the database complete with the protocol and server name as well as the blog home URI. The problem with this is if … Continue reading

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Some changes to the blog

Despite the server change, which you may not even have noticed, I’m also blocking any and all login attempts, renamed the admin user name (some people were apparently trying to get in) and the administration area is entirely off limits. … Continue reading

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More issues with MariaDB

… but solved. When trying to install WordPress 3.1 as a vanilla installation, it failed: WordPress database error: [Invalid default value for ‘comment_date’] … this got repeated for several columns in several tables and obviously table creation failed. However, WordPress … Continue reading

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100000 Jahre alt

… bin ich jetzt. Ach übrigens, mir wurde mitgeteilt, daß es Leute gibt die binär lesen können und solche die es nicht können

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Installing MariaDB on Debian 6 (Squeeze)

Had some trouble installing MariaDB on Debian 6. The system was pretty much a vanilla Lenny (hadn’t used it much that’s why) upgraded to Squeeze only one week ago – and I wanted to install MariaDB instead of MySQL. This … Continue reading

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