Peculiar problems with mc under byobu

I’m using byobu on a daily basis, but occasionally I also use mc (Midnight Commander). Midnight Commander is a terminal-based two-panel file manager as they became well known with Norton Commander. If you look for a similar solution for Windows, I can recommend FAR (console) and SpeedCommander (GUI).

Running mc under byobu windows has a problem. Now, interestingly the Fn-keys F5 through F10 work normally, but F1 through F4 and F11 through F12 don’t. The problem doesn’t seem to be unique. The solution with mc.keymap looks promising, but I have yet to test it.

For now, I found a workaround. It turns out that the four keys at the top of the key pad (Num-) map exactly to F1 through F4. I’ll post a new entry when I find the proper solution.

// Oliver

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