So … PBXT or Aria?

I had changed the table storage engine format from MyISAM and InnoDB to PBXT for my blog and some other blogs I host. Little did I know.

Of course WordPress will hide any and all errors from plain sight, so the symptom I got to see was that I couldn’t write any new blog posts, or generally make any modification to the database at all.

When I decided to roll back, I got this:

ERROR 1598 (HY000): Binary logging not possible. Message: Statement-based format
required for this statement, but not allowed by this combination of engines

Oops. That’s pretty nasty. I can’t even roll back? Well, turns out I could. First off all let’s check the current log format:

show global variables like 'binlog_%';

It requires MIXED here, but is not properly set. We can set it for the current session, like so:

set session binlog_format = 'MIXED';

… but that is only a temporary workaround and only possible for our currently running session. I imagine it would be possible to use the global keyword instead of session, but I don’t know whether that survives DB server restarts. So, to be sure, I decided to set:

binlog_format = MIXED

… in my.cnf. Ever since, even PBXT is happily running as the storage engine.

// Oliver

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