XMPP S2S with Google and no TLS?

I’m running an ejabberd instance and it’s configured to use TLS in S2S (server to server) communications. It works perfectly fine with jabber.ccc.de, but Google’s server does not seem to like TLS.

Very awkward. First I thought it may be because of my certificate, but then I used the same as for the website (same domain, after all) and it still does not work.

No idea why it refuses to talk encrypted with Google.

// Oliver

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3 Responses to XMPP S2S with Google and no TLS?

  1. Najihel says:


    I have the same problem …

    I post a topic here : https://groups.google.com/a/googleproductforums.com/d/topic/apps/KkW7NzABye8/discussion

    Do you have other information ?

  2. Oliver says:

    Unfortunately not.

  3. 🙁

    Very strange for Google who does a decent job in my opinion of offering (or even enforcing)(as it must be) TLS everywhere else, except for here. Does not make any sense. Worse, they do not seem to share the reason why. (I’m sure there must be one, but they won’t share it, or so it seems based on searching the interwebs on this).

    It is time they add this.

    Come on!, google.

    Thanks all!



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