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Selecting the editor on Debian/Ubuntu non-interactively

Set the selected editor on Ubuntu/Debian for yourself and root in one line: echo ‘SELECTED_EDITOR=”/usr/bin/vim.nox”‘|tee $HOME/.selected_editor| \ sudo tee /root/.selected_editor or echo “SELECTED_EDITOR=\”$(which vim.nox)\””|tee $HOME/.selected_editor| \ sudo tee /root/.selected_editor // Oliver

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More issues with MariaDB

… but solved. When trying to install WordPress 3.1 as a vanilla installation, it failed: WordPress database error: [Invalid default value for ‘comment_date’] … this got repeated for several columns in several tables and obviously table creation failed. However, WordPress … Continue reading

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Installing MariaDB on Debian 6 (Squeeze)

Had some trouble installing MariaDB on Debian 6. The system was pretty much a vanilla Lenny (hadn’t used it much that’s why) upgraded to Squeeze only one week ago – and I wanted to install MariaDB instead of MySQL. This … Continue reading

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Not Valgrind, CDPATH

The problem I described just yesterday (here) seems not be to with Valgrind in particular. Today I was trying to build the file(1) utility and mysteriously failed with the same symptoms. So that made me curious. Apparently the cd command … Continue reading

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