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“… but this is Iceland here”

… to say it with “my”, i.e. the German, secretary of foreign affairs. Last Friday I was trying to (SWIFT-)transfer money out of the country in order to pay some goods I had ordered. It took nearly half an hour … Continue reading

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Auweia …

Die 14 min Gelächter habe ich mir gegönnt. Auf ZDF kam eine Sendung unter dem Titel “Adel verpflichtet” in dem sich vor allem – aber nicht allein – ein gewisser “Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe” über durch Adoption und andere Mittel erworbene … Continue reading

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-1.3 (= 37.9)

In preparation of the upcoming holiday season … I don’t know.

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-0.5 (= 36.6)

Wild week 😆

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… the way we don’t usually get to see it: Deutsch: Bilder aus Afghanistan wie wir sie normalerweise nicht zu sehen bekommen.

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-1.0 (= 36.1)

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Re: Oracle bought ksplice … and apparently the source was pulled

I contacted one of the good people from ksplice (I’ve got an active subscription) and got pointed to Unfortunately the access to a distributed version control is gone for good, it seems.

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Die Bänker lachen sich ins Fäustchen

Man sieht sie schon zittern vor den Kameras, die Bankster. Aber das Zittern ist nur ein Zittern des Zwerchfells vom unterdrückten Lachen. Die europäischen Staaten überschlagen sich mit Rettungspaketen und Geschenken an die “armen Banken”, die EU-Staatschefs und lupenreinen Demokraten … Continue reading

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Gestern im Flieger las ich das Essay “Empört Euch!” von Stéphane Hessel. Kauft euch das Buch Heft und lest es! Dies alles von einem Mann mit westlich geprägter Sozialisierung zu lesen, ist schon der Hammer. // Oliver

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Whitehat, Greyhat, Blackhat

Sorry, it’s blatantly off-topic by all standards, but it’s an association I’ve always had. Presumably you’ve heard those terms in connection with IT security. Now, often people have problems as to what those terms actually mean. Having an RPG background, … Continue reading

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Android, what is it all about?

So I did it. I actually bought a cheapo Android phone (Simvalley SP-60) with dual-SIM feature, because that’s the single most important feature of a phone for me. Of course I went immediately to the privacy settings to turn off … Continue reading

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240 x 25 m in 173 min

Set this record one week (minus some hours) ago, but forgot to mention it. Yes, it was beaststroke as usual. // Oliver

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-3.3 (= 35.1)

More than I bargained for. I’m puzzled. 😯 Also most hilarious situation two days ago. When I was paying the sweets I am going to take along to Iceland on my flight tomorrow, one of the guards from the public … Continue reading

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