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Firefox 3 Download Day 2008, a flop? (update)

The download day for the world record attempt in the number of downloads by the Firefox community seems to be(come) a flop. It’s now 45min after the whole thing started and apparently the servers can’t handle the number of requests. … Continue reading

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SpeedCommander 12.20 released

If you’re juggling files beyond the desktop and still use Windows Explorer, check out SpeedCommander. The new version has gotten even better and unlike another popular “commander-like” file manager it has full Unicode support and even has a native x64 … Continue reading

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Polar bears in danger

Today two more polar bears were sighted in the North of Iceland. Let’s hope this time there is a veterinarian with tranquilizers, not like last time. My father told me even the German yellow press reported about the polar bear … Continue reading

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Searching electronic devices at the border

Following a court ruling, the EFF and several news sources world-wide have reported about the practice to search through the data on electronic devices at the US border. Bruce Schneier has picked up the topic in his latest cryptogram (a … Continue reading

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British humo(u)r at its best :)

A very nice prank call. Graham Norton talks to Greta with Grosse Titten via an interpreter …

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Fucking, Austria ;)

Just a hilarious clip: on Youtube.

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The laughable “democracy” of the European Union

Now that the Irish have rejected the Treaty of Lisbon in a plebiscite, European politicians suggest to leave the Irish behind and ratify the treaty regardless with only the consenting member states. This is a notable development because it shows … Continue reading

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Powerful reinforcements for the Icelandic church

The Icelandic church received support from a … forceful ally but wasn’t all too interested And in Icelandic. Some pictures from the photo-shooting on Flickr (also as a slide show) 😉 // Oliver

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Der Schauprozeß hat begonnen

Hier mal ein Experiment in dem die Bedingungen im Lager in Guantanamo nachgebildet werden. Wohlgemerkt, die brutalsten der von der US-Regierung erlaubten Methoden wurden hier nicht benutzt, da sie als zu gefÀhrlich angesehen werden. // Oliver

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Unzufrieden mit der (Schein)Demokratie

Laut einer ARD-Umfrage sind 52% der Deutschen nicht mehr mit ihrer “demokratischen” Gesellschaft zufrieden. Rein rechnerisch kann man es nicht mehr allein den Ostdeutschen zuschieben, wie es noch vor einigen Monaten möglich war, als bereits eine Mehrheit der Ostdeutschen sich … Continue reading

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Chernobyl the second in Slovenia?

The European Commission issued an EU-wide radiation alert late on Wednesday after Slovenia began shutting down a nuclear power plant following a problem with the cooling system. (Source: interactive investor, deutsche Leser gehen hierher) Don’t panic just yet. The amount … Continue reading

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Argh …

The patches pertaining to the Debian key rollover are only available in the security repository. I just found out the hard way, that one of my machines denied access to another one, although I had “freshly generated” private keys. Ooops … Continue reading

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Version-controlled edit via Bash script (Debian)

As I am currently setting up a new server, I thought it would be a good idea to keep most of the configuration files (e.g. /etc) under version control. RCS comes in handy to achieve just that, but laziness requires … Continue reading

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