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A quick reply

The assertion that I rushed to my decision as it was raised couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all it hasn’t been the first time for me to think about this step and secondly I had several sleepless … Continue reading

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Giving up on the Delphi community

Hi, after some sleepless nights and thinking a lot about the pros and cons, I decided to leave the Delphi community. It isn’t clear to me, whether it is the Delphi community that changed so much, or whether it is … Continue reading

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Serious development over at ReactOS

Read this: http://www.reactos.org/pipermail/ros-dev/2008-June/010461.html and then this: http://www.reactos.org/pipermail/ros-dev/2008-June/010462.html Update: nope, you don’t get the impression that James is taken serious. http://www.reactos.org/pipermail/ros-dev/2008-June/010463.html … although he is serious about it. But it seems this time ReactOS has been hijacked for good. Take a … Continue reading

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Mal wieder Versuchskarnickel für GMX

Na schönen Dank auch. Da wird man als zahlender Kunde tatsächlich in einen Betatest für ein Produkt gezwungen, daß – wiedermal – den aktuellen Funktionsumfang von GMX einschränkt, indem es nur Uralt-Browser unterstützt. Statt dies per Opt-In zu machen, darf … Continue reading

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