Get Pro or Plus? Why bother?!

Some weeks ago I asked LS to make Ad-Aware OpenSource. Apparently it’s not the time for it yet, however, they made it fully functional freeware with version! Want a screenshot as proof? No problem. Just read on 😉

Alright … but Ad-Watch which just joined the freebie product appears to be a bit confused as to how to categorize the date/time of events:

Note that the date didn’t change, but Ad-Watch changed its mind how to call the day. Strangely it did this at a completely odd time, not even at a full hour or so 😯

The whole thing surfaced when someone was asking in the LS support forum about this new feature (screenshot as usually available!). I tested it with the version available from – – and even made a video of it. It is true and it really works.

I did no expect LS to be so generous after my experience with them.

// Oliver

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