That’s it …

Starting today, I am finally no more an employee of Lavasoft. This is a good and final answer to my question raised during the long period of uncertainty caused by Ms. X (see the linked article). If someone is interested, the person I am referring to by the handle “Ms. X” is no one else but the current CEO of Lavasoft.

I am glad to be released now, while I was relieved from working duties already since May. Now I just have to see the outcome of the trial against Lavasoft and hope for the best.

// Oliver

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2 Responses to That’s it …

  1. SeenItAllBefore says:

    Warmest Congratulations on obtaining your new-found freedom!

    “If someone is interested, the person I am referring to by the handle “Ms. X”. . . ”

    There was no doubt in the community as to the identify of Ms. X. You are certainly not the first person who has experienced this type of a situation with Lavasoft and Ann-Christine, in particular.

  2. Oliver says:

    Yeah, but no one told me before I joined. After I joined, I thought that I have a small chance of changing things, which turned out to be a day-dream.

    I also heard rumors from others that the support forums had been shut down because of some kind of dispute between moderators and LS management. However, I do not know the details of all this and if I knew it it wouldn’t make a difference for my special case 😉

    Maybe you can drop me a mail to tell me about “the community” :mrgreen:
    I noticed several hits from anti-malware advocate forums very very soon after I published the very first article on that topic, so I assume that is part of “the community”?

    // Oliver

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