No it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke

Michał ‘GiM’ Spadliński, a Polish blogger wrote in his article “Czy Redpill Joanny Rutkowskiej jest poprawny?“:

Oliver Schneider (Reverse Engineer pracujący dla F-Prota) opublikował […] artykuł, datowany na pierwszego kwietnia, który wcale nie wygląda na prima aprilisowy żart.

This made me really laugh. No, I have to admit my Polish is not the best (and getting worse due to lack of exercise), but I could clearly understand the quoted parts and quite some more.

The quoted part, freely translated to English, says:

Oliver Schneider (a Reverse Engineer who works for F-Prot) published [an] article, dated April 1st, which totally doesn’t look like an April Fool’s joke.

Indeed, it wasn’t a joke at all as my previous article (not dated April 1st) should show 😉

Thanks Michał, for your article!

// Oliver

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