Battle of the titans?

Ptacek, Lawson and Ferrie – well-known security specialists – joined up to challenge Rutkowska and prove that her virtualization rootkit BluePill (up to now AMD-specific) is detectable regardless of her claims. The above link leads to her official reply to them.

Rutkowska likes to speak in absolutes, as it seems. In one instance I could even falsify one of her claims concerning VMM detection from within a VM using the interrupt descriptor table address as an indicator. This shows she is human as everyone, but having her own company now and being busy all the time (who is not?) she never found the time to respond to my articles 🙄

Anyway, this gets me really excited about who will win the challenge, but Peter Ferrie, being a former FRISK employee, has all my sympathies :mrgreen:

// Oliver

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