I’m done

Crap, the first week of C25K should not have ended with me going to the swimming pool two hours before finishing the first week. It was a mistake. I’m wasted.

Debuted with six laps (for 25 m a lap) in a row in the swimming pool. You read this, Siggi? 😛 … then did several more laps basically free style and after forty minutes I did twelve laps in a row until I felt exhausted ([Siggi, please skip until the closing parenthesis!] at somewhere between 50-55 sec per lap). Then did some more laps slowly and a few jumps. Even took a header from the 2.75 m which I may or may not regret.

// Oliver

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  1. Siggi says:

    Cool thats way more than I did at my first swim :-D. Keep it up and it will get easier.

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