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Harmful “badware” …

Google had an issue today. I noticed it by chance when looking for the name of an author. Later, coming to the office, Friðrik told me we had a major problem in that Google flags out company website with “This … Continue reading

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Unpleasant surprise 3.0.1 was released recently. Now I do not normally rush to upgrades but instead have my own system of keeping a clean copy for the worst case scenario. It was time again to update my “clean” image of the … Continue reading

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Yippie! IDA 5.4 Pro released …

My personal highlight is still the Bochs debugger, but I am sure I’ll take the chance and also look into the newly acquired kernel debugging features. Check out the highlights over here. // Oliver

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“Terrorists” sending aid to UK

Following an article in the Daily Express that as much as one out of twelve pensioners may die as a result of the cold winter, Icelanders have sent woolen garments to the UK. An incredible gesture after last year’s use … Continue reading

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Gimme dope Obama …

Check it out here.

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Auweia …

Gotteslästerliche Atheisten haben in Spanien, wo anders als in Deutschland die Trennung von Staat und Kirche in der Verfassung steht, Werbung geschaltet die behauptet, daß Gott vermutlich garnicht existiere. Das hat die katholische Kirche natürlich leicht aufgebracht Mehr davon! Überall. … Continue reading

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IDA 5.4 Pro Beta released

Hex-Rays has released a beta of the upcoming version 5.4 of IDA. I was lucky enough to be allowed for the beta-test and the first new thing I noticed was that the command line field now had a button in … Continue reading

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We have done it all …

“Secure” deletion of some piece of data. Programs, whether commercial or free – such as Eraser – offer to overwrite the data several times according to “DoD standards” (referring to the US department of defense) and so on. A study … Continue reading

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Useful script for MSVC users …

I wrote a little .cmd script (for the NT script interpreter, cmd.exe) that can be used to get the environment for the newest, or a specified installed version of Visual C++, similar to what the link from the start menu … Continue reading

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Zlob author leaves new year’s wishes in variant

As you can read here, the author of Zlob has once again hidden a message inside a variant. This time it’s about best wishes for the new year to the MS virus response team and future plans, so to speak. … Continue reading

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Arrived 1.1

I updated the program Arrived to version 1.1. There is one important change in this version that breaks compatibility, but I am convinced there are rather few users anyway 😉 The change is to use CreateProcess() instead of ShellExecute(). That’s … Continue reading

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Neues aus Stenkelfeld!

Gerade bemerkt, die sind wieder da und NDR2 hat ein paar alte Folgen als Podcasts verfügbar gemacht. // Oliver

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The woes of debug builds

I like C++, and I use Visual Studio to make use of it most of the time, even though plenty of that code is later also used on other platforms. However, when you build in debug mode, sometimes the results … Continue reading

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“Silvesterkonzert 2008”

In Germany New Year’s Eve is called Silvester, called after some saint. The Berlin philharmony gave its “Silvester” concert yesterday and it has been made available on the web as a video stream. Check it out here. I liked the … Continue reading

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Simple and small XML parser …

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All the best to everyone in 2009

Happy new year! Ein frohes neues Jahr! С новым годом! Gleðilegt nýtt ár! // Oliver

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