Version numbers of DDKBUILD.CMD and DDKWizard

I have just finished moving all previous DDKBUILD.CMD and DDKWizard versions under version control – subversion, to be more precise. This means there will be a change of the way how the version number is represented. Currently we have the normal way of saying 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 … 7.10, 7.136 … and so on. Whenever a slight change was made, the changed version wouldn’t change the minor version number, but rather get appended an a, b, c and so on (1.1.2a …). This will change with the next version of these two products. The new version numbers are going to look like this:

7.2/r20 or 1.2.1/r42

The number behind the “r” is the revision number in my SVN repository. Eventually I will even open up the respective repositories – but there are some technicalities I need to resolve first.

// Oliver

PS: Yes, I am working on the new version(s), including considerable updates to the DDKWizard manual.

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