Prick passing chain – unpleasant questions

… at work or elsewhere, how often have you met those guys who pretend they can do things they don’t even have a clue of?

  • How often did such a person not only lie but hold you ransom by initiating ideas without following up on them? Did you and others have to fix it? How much of your efforts were rewarded? Who got the fame in case of success? Who got the blame in case of failure?
  • How often has the person posed as an expert and how many personal fans does he have?
  • How often has this person changed jobs?
  • How much does that person exaggerate in every single aspect of life?
  • How does the person’s expertise compare to the actual knowledge when caught without prepared presentation and lit projector?
  • How many jet packs does the person own?
  • How many incognito visits from leaders of foreign countries has the person gotten recently? How many visitors came in private jets?
  • How well does that person speak English?
  • How many photo-realistic pictures has the person “rendered” without being able to explain technical details of the process or the result? How much of that was done on the two-graphics-chip machine he got for work?
  • How many books did the person claim to have written? How many of them does your book store have in the catalog? Has he used the name of actual experts to appear more knowledgable?
  • How many truck loads of bananas did the person order?
  • How many nights did the person spend in a hotel room for five thousand dollars a night (and off-topic: were there any hookers included in that price?)?
  • How often was the person CxO/VP of a company? How many of the CxO/VP positions can be found in the CV?
  • How often was the person a grunt worker? How many of those positions appear on the CV?
  • How much of the claims in the CV add up when checked with Google and other search engines?
  • How many companies has the person left out on the CV? How does the CV add up if you add the left out jobs?
  • Does the person like to show off with gadgets or company-financed goodies?
  • Does the person change internet nicknames whenever changing companies?
  • Did the person single-handedly improve the product of the company he worked for according to his and his fans’ accounts?
  • Was the person suspiciously productive when joining the company with all the acquired knowledge from the previous company but soon went out of … aah maybe you aren’t at this point just yet?!
  • Is the person the most important knowledgable expert in your company?
  • Is there something wrong in this previous item?

How much of all this could possibly be true? Does such a person exist?

Chances are, you are wondering whether we think about the same person. It’s a well-known game and it is your turn now. Good luck! You’ll need it …

PS: Never mind the spelling of the subject line, I am not a native speaker.

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5 Responses to Prick passing chain – unpleasant questions

  1. Corrine says:

    Your writing is better than many (most) native English speakers. I just kept getting lost in that huge paragraph. Can’t use my finger to follow the words online. 😆

  2. Oliver says:

    Hi Corrine. You’re right (and, btw, not the first to complain about the formatting). I just took the five minutes to reformat it 😉

    // Oliver

  3. Chris says:

    These questions could be in a test for a job application 🙂

  4. Einar Jón says:

    Given that bananas are sold at around 20 INR/dozen ($0.50) on street markets here in India, and “trucks” come in all sizes, I’m sure you could “fill up” a “truck” ( for a few tens of dollars…

  5. Oliver says:

    That wasn’t actually the question 😉

    But while we’re at it, be careful not to order – accidentally of course – a truck load yourself :mrgreen:

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