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Now that’s democracy!!! (US-style)

The US-led coalition promised to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq. After many months there is still no peace in Iraq, no freedom, no democracy. And finally Saddam Hussein – surely a cruel person – was executed. But is the … Continue reading

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Any problems with DDKWizard?

Lately I got one email with feedback that after installing DDKWizard none of the wizards worked anymore. However, even after five emails from me to the reporter in reply to that report I got no answer. So I wonder whether … Continue reading

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Cool new features in VMWare Workstation 6

VMWare released the beta version of VMWare Workstation 6 and some of the features there have been on my wishlist for ages. Especially the last three points: Integrated Virtual Debugger – Workstation integrates with Visual Studio and Eclipse so you … Continue reading

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Something interesting on Corrine’s blog

That’s how a privacy company treats the email address of customers and (ordinary) newsletter subscribers. // Oliver

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In a surprising move DDKWizard got updated once more …

Gleðileg jól! (Frohe Weihnachten! – Merry Christmas!) to everyone. I updated DDKWizard once more to version 1.1.0. And as expected this is the best DDKWizard ever 😉 … I call it the jól-edition … grab it here! What is new? … Continue reading

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Violating GPL to make the big money #2 …

Unbelievable. Even though the company is aware of their violation of the GPL, they don’t give a shit about it as it seems. They have been aware of it for at least one month now, yet their newest release which … Continue reading

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Keine Ahnung wie ich das hier ins WWW bekomme, aber Heise meint …

… Island sei vom Internet abgeschnitten. Also ich habe weder am Samstag noch am Sonntag noch gestern noch bisher heute Störungen bemerkt. Obwohl, doch. Es gab eine kurze Störung, die aber schnell behoben wurde – war wohl am Samstag. Heute … Continue reading

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Earn a lot of money now! Your opportunity for x-mas!!!

Since I have no time to take the chance and make the big money I’d advise my readers to have a look into the following scam I got today. If you want to contact Mr. Atwood don’t hesitate to contact … Continue reading

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Death penalty took too long. Consequences? Yap!

The civilized world has shown its superiority again in the reactions after the execution of Angel Diaz by lethal injection in Florida took too long. Instead of finally removing the blemish from the US constitution by abolishing the death penalty … Continue reading

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Early x-mas present: DDKWizard updated

As a kind of early x-mas present to the driver community, I have updated DDKWizard again. The new version is 1.0.3. Go and grab your copy at the DDKWizard website. What’s new? Three things have been changed or added: Creation … Continue reading

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Einmal mehr schlug der dt. Rechtsstaat zu …

Nachdem schon Altbundeskanzler Kohl bewiesen hat, daß “die Großen” von der deutschen Justiz laufengelassen werden, gibt es nunmehr einen schönen und aktuellen Fall, der die Klassenjustiz in unserem sogenannten Rechtsstaat veranschaulicht. Da hätten wir im Abstand von weniger als einem … Continue reading

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Fixed a minor glitch in ddkbuild.cmd

Today I fixed a glitch in OSR’s ddkbuild.cmd which would cause WDF builds to fail. Grab your fresh copy at the DDKWizard website or OSR. The version should be 7.0beta4a. If it is not, check back later since OSR should … Continue reading

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Autorennspiele gehören verboten (Atmen auch)

Nachdem ja nun aufgrund anhaltender Amoklaufdrohungen Killerspiele verboten werden sollen, fordere ich im Zuge dieser Maßnahme auch gleich Autorennspiele zu zu verbieten. Bekanntlich gibt es pro Jahr weit mehr Tote durch Autounfälle als durch Amokläufe. Da einige der Involvierten – … Continue reading

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Weihnachtszeit ist Pfefferkuchenzeit …

… und heute habe ich den Teig schonmal zum Backen vorbereitet. Sieht der nicht freundlich lecker aus? Und morgen wird er gebacken … dann guckt er aber nicht mehr so verschmitzt // Oliver

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Violating GPL to make the big money …

What would you think of a company that is presenting its new product which is somewhat innovative, but the product is based on OpenSource software and the company does not care about the OpenSource licenses of the used components? As … Continue reading

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