Early x-mas present: DDKWizard updated

As a kind of early x-mas present to the driver community, I have updated DDKWizard again. The new version is 1.0.3. Go and grab your copy at the DDKWizard website.

What’s new?

Three things have been changed or added:

  • Creation of PREfast configurations is now also possible for the checked build only (default).
  • For the 64bit platforms you can choose which of the two platforms AMD and Intel you would like to include.
  • The DBG preprocessor symbol will be set to 0 or 1 according to the configuration setting (free or checked).

If you want to link to the files directly, here are the links. And yes, these links are static starting with this release of DDKWizard. This means although the file names returned to your browser will change over time, the links will not.


// Oliver

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