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DDKWizard updated

There is a new version (1.0.2) of DDKWizard available. Go and grab your copy at the DDKWizard website. What’s new? Three things have been changed or added: Option to create PREfast configurations as well. The Windows 2003 and Longhorn/Vista DDK … Continue reading

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Killerspiele gehören verboten …

Wie gut, daß es in Island keine bescheuerten Ordnungsfanatiker gibt, die meinen ein Amoklauf ala Erfurt oder gestern Emsdetten ließe sich durch ein Verbot von Killerspielen verhindern. Vielmehr sollten sich all jene die das fordern mal an die eigene Nase … Continue reading

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Marketing for security companies now via Secunia!

<sarcasm> A great new opportunity for IT security companies which sell products to detect bugs in software automatically (static analysis) – report some vulnerabilities after running your program on a bunch of software applications and feature your own product in … Continue reading

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Offener Brief an GMX – Betrifft: moderne Browser (nochmal)

Vielen Dank für die Textbausteine, die ich schonmal zugeschickt bekam und auch kommentierte (beachten Sie ruhig das Datum). Schön (oder besser gesagt peinlich), daß der Textbaustein noch nicht angepaßt wurde. Das zeigt doch deutlich wie wichtig Ihnen Topmail-Kunden sind: … Continue reading

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Are you a developer reading my blog?

If you are a developer and have not yet heard of WinDirStat, please check it out first. Then if you like it and can imagine to write a plugin for it, give me some feedback at this blog article. Thanks. … Continue reading

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Article: “How Two Hours Can Waste Two Weeks”

Over at Agile Advice, you can find a very nice blog article from the perspective of a development manager. I can tell that much: at my former company the PM (same person as DM in this case) did not take … Continue reading

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DDKBUILD.CMD updated to version 7.0beta4

OSR is going to update the DDKBUILD.CMD script on their website next week. If you can’t wait, grab your copy at the DDKWizard website. A bug has been fixed which affected the build for WNET DDK with the two 64bit … Continue reading

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Shit happens … US nuclear secrets found on USB thumb drives …

Read on … // Oliver

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Storm in a teacup or big deal for Novell?

A friend of mine pointed me to the following message (“open letter”) of Novell: (the related press release is here). I wonder how this partnership will affect other distros, especially non-commercial. My friend says that it will have a … Continue reading

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Redpill getting colorless?

Although I had posted this already at the malware research forum and received little feedback, I decided to prepare a brief research paper about this topic and post it here. The topic is that the Redpill approach by Joanna Rutkowska … Continue reading

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Spammers screwing around with postmaster alias

As required by section 4.5.1 of RFC2821, the RFC detailing the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), the postmaster alias (e.g. postmaster@domain.tld) is required on any system running an SMTP service. So far so good. Having not gotten spam via my … Continue reading

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Got ’em back, LS :-P …

Backup is always good to have … Yeah, found the stuff. Here is a screenshot of the article “Bragging Rights” referenced in this article from exactly 3 months back … Last but not least the two articles – referenced here … Continue reading

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