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So IE7 is coming. Who cares anyway?

IE7 is coming. But who cares? This company has given a sh*t on standards for the last 10 years, now all of us are supposed to fix our websites again just because they finally found out that there is a … Continue reading

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GEZ für Internet-PCs – warum ich nicht zahlen werde!

Abgesehen davon, daß ich quasi auswandere (ohne jedoch die Staatsbürgerschaft aufzugeben), würde ich unter keinen Umständen die GEZ-Gebühr für meinen PC bezahlen. Einer der Gründe ist schonmal, daß ich ganz simpel keinen der Streams (Audio oder Video) benutze oder zu … Continue reading

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Greylisting works amazingly well for me …

Yesterday I wrote a short comment about the Spamhouse case. Spamhouse is indeed very important as an antispam blacklist. However, for my server I can only state that since I moved to it (previously my domains were hosted together with … Continue reading

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