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Brave man!

Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def, endured on camera what the hunger strikers in Gitmo have to endure while being force fed. Kudos to the man for this bravery. Go watch the clip, if you dare. // Oliver

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Selective memory?

It’s fascinating to see how segments about the alleged downing of MH17 in the US news remembers Reagan’s reaction to the shoot-down of KAL007. Of course, if you want to emphasize “the president’s” reaction it’s an appropriate comparison. But a … Continue reading

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George Carlin

Remember him? One of my favorite contemporary American satirists. He had one piece where he stated that we have no rights. In particular he referred to all the Americans always yammering about their rights. He then pointed to the Americans … Continue reading

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An effort to crowdfund the pilot to a “Man from Earth” series

If you liked the movie after the story by Jerome Bixby, here’s the link to the Kickstarter campaign. Go join the effort. It’s needed, because the previous attempt failed. // Oliver

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Hey America(*), how are you?

(*) … well, I mean the USA of course. Apologies to the rest (and majority) of Americans on the twin-continent. But for the scope of this blog post I’ll continue this way. Thanks for your hospitality, America. It’s now been … Continue reading

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Macklemore anti-semitic because he looks like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

My significant other pointed me to this article over at People Magazine. The allegation is that Macklemore is anti-semitic, because his costume looks like a caricature of jews from the Third Reich. I don’t get it, my first association was … Continue reading

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PewResearch: “Despite Concerns about Governance, Ukrainians Want to Remain One Country”

PewResearch published a report about a poll that was conducted before the events in Odessa last Friday. The so-called “pro-Russian separatists”, or as the interim government likes to put it “terrorists”, should perhaps be called “ethnic-Russian autonomists” instead? С днём … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde was right

Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

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Now, this is a talk on the phone and as such not always easy to discern, especially with both people talking in parallel. The SBU, Ukraine’s secret service, has an article titled “SSU Has Evidence of Russian Involvement into Capture … Continue reading

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Maria Zakharova wrote on the Facebook page of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs (Министерства иностранных дел России): One of the most important posts I ever did! I address this to my foreign media colleagues and friends from Reuters, CNN, … Continue reading

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Is Kerry the successor in spirit of Goebbels?

… and the State Department the new propaganda ministry? Check this out: Quite frankly I found the one-sidedness of this clip appalling. Not to mention the blatant lie starting at 1:12 concerning the options of the referendum on Crimea1. … Continue reading

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Please, someone make this happen: Stephen Fry as Bond villain :)

During his very enjoyable “Stephen Fry in America” he makes so many impressions of a Bond villain that I thought it would be fun to see him as one. Alternatively it would be cool to see him as a more … Continue reading

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“The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene”

This Washington Post article is somewhat sad … // Oliver

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TSA Agent Confessions

Dear America, I saw you naked

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Admittedly this one is funny

Язык в тесте, tongue in dough, says the inscription on this sign. Unfortunately English language seem to have been in short supply in Sochi before the opening. The mistranslation to English is a bit unfortunate, although in English the word … Continue reading

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“Fuck the EU”

Why does Victoria Nuland have to apologize for what she said in a private phone conversation? Whoever leaked this, it’s enlightening to hear, but it’s also no big deal. Besides, even US-Americans use the f-word much more often than the … Continue reading

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So …

… when under constant surveillance1, will we have to give a reference whenever we quote someone, NSA? Just curious. After all some politicians in Germany stumbled over the lack of references in their theses. Also, I am unsure about how … Continue reading

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Five Eyes

The Five Eyes, aka UKUSA Agreement, begs one giant question. Given that this exclusive “club” stretches across Anglo-Saxon exclusively countries and given the light Ed Snowden’s leaks shed on the relationship between GHCQ and NSA, where one wonders who is … Continue reading

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Schneier briefed Congress

Bruce Schneier, a well-known cryptography expert and one of the few with access to the documents leaked by Snowden, briefed six Congress representatives on Thursday. Probably still a more honest speech than Obama’s. ON another note, here’s a fun quote … Continue reading

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Will more nations shift right thanks to the NSA revelations?

Think about it. The logical thing to do is to go national and build up infrastructure (hardware and software) that is under full control of each respective national state. Having national routing was already raised as an idea. The logical … Continue reading

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