Broken Netflix documentary …

The Broken documentary’s third episode titled “Deadly Dressers” is ridiculously broken itself. It lashes out at IKEA1 but completely misses the point that all of these IKEA dressers come with wall anchor kits. And if they don’t you can get one for free after purchasing the furniture.

So what the fuck?

Don’t get me wrong. These deaths are tragic and as a father I can not imagine being placed in a similar situation. But is the negligence with IKEA or those not using the wall anchor kit that came with the furniture? …

I also highly doubt that the heavy weight products from solid wood will weigh any lighter on the chest of an infant. Because infants will attempt climbing up furniture and at the right leverage the heavier furniture will also tip and kill …

// Oliver

  1. and there are probably lots of other more valid reasons to do that, such as the lack of sustainability []
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