Anders “Fokk” Rasmussen: Iceland crucial to NATO

Helvítis fokking fokk!

The NATO flag was flying at the ministry of foreign affairs, approximately a hundred meters from our office here in Reykjavík, on Wednesday. I pointed it out to my colleagues who hadn’t recognized it while we took a stroll to the coffee house and back.

Apparently NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was visiting.

“Since the end of the Cold War NATO has tried to approach Russia through constructive collaboration. Now we have realized that Russia sees us as the enemy,” Rasmussen told Morgunblaðið.

Where constructive collaboration refers to the collaborative NATO efforts acquire new NATO members in Eastern Europe and construct more NATO bases closer to the Russian border. Rasmussen simply wanted to keep it short and crisp, I reckon.

In these unpredictable times, we need NATO more than ever. I count on Iceland’s support as we make the Alliance even fitter, faster and more flexible.
(Rassmussen, as quoted by the Reykjavík Grapevine)

Actually, since the Warsaw Pact is a thing of the past and NATO has been warmongering on since the end of the Cold War, why not simply dissolve it as well? It would be high time …

// Oliver

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