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Cheeky and stupid bot …

The bot with user agent Linguee Bot (; just downloaded approximately 2 GiB of stuff from a ViewVC-listing on one of my servers. Just because it’s stupid, but also because it’s so cheeky to ignore robots.txt. So be it. … Continue reading

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Another one …

Ever since I worked in Göteborg (Sweden) and heard the word “torg” ((i.e. “(city) square”)) for the first time I wondered: is this related to the Russian root -торг- as in “торговать” ((translit: torgovat’, i.e. “to trade”))? Turns out my … Continue reading

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Typical Tarantino

“Django Unchained” isn’t for the faint-hearted because between all the funny scenes there is plenty of blood and gore ((as to be expected from a Tarantino flick)). I loved Christoph Waltz’ sterling performance already within the first few minutes, but … Continue reading

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How to get English error messages on a localized Ubuntu?

Have you ever noticed that oftentimes people in anglophone forums will almost be offended if someone quotes an error message in their local language? Well, on one hand I can understand it, on the other I see more value in … Continue reading

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Clever indeed

Just for giggles and some test I installed Kubuntu in Russian and it turns out that the “Д/н” prompts can also be acquitted with y or n as one would expect. Otherwise I would have been in a kerfuffle as … Continue reading

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And I don’t mean the fact that “Kindergärtner” in German describes the kindergarten teacher, not the child. Bizarre is that a five year old girl – in all seriousness – gets suspended for suggesting to another kindergarten child that they … Continue reading

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Imagine this a 1000 years ago …

When I look at the majestic and at the same time scary images of the meteorite fall in Russia (e.g. here), I’m wondering what impression this must have made on humans a thousand years ago. Or imagine something like that … Continue reading

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Let us hope this pans out for the PSF

Read the article over here: Python trademark at risk in Europe: We need your help!. I really hope this backfires so hard that no one else will try similar things on well established names that have been spread by non-profit … Continue reading

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The media doesn’t seem to deem it possible that just about any catholic man could rise to the position of pope. Let’s face it, they’re probably right. Only cardinals have been elected for hundreds of years now. Similar to the … Continue reading

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Ich will den Wulff zurück!

Jedes einzelne Mal wenn ich unseren aktuellen Grüßonkel und Bundespräsidenten sehe, wünsche ich mir Wulff zurück. Der hat zwar auch gelabert, aber unterhaltsamer war er allemal. // Oliver

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A few websites I like when improving my Vim skills

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In which Hg repo is the hook getting executed?

REPOPATH=$(hg showconfig|sed -n ‘s/^bundle\.mainreporoot=//p’) Based on this, btw, I came up with the following hook in the hgrc file: [hooks] changegroup.bundlerepo = hg bundle -a $(hg showconfig|sed -n ‘s/^bundle\.mainreporoot=//p’)/.hg/bundled.hg The idea is to create a bundle with all revisions whenever … Continue reading

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Mercurial woes

Today I stumbled over an awkward issue. Pulling from a repo mounted read-only I always got: searching for changes adding changesets transaction abort! rollback completed abort: index [filename] is corrupted! where the filename would differ. First I tried downgrading my … Continue reading

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Noch so eine Entdeckung …

Isländisch: stígvél Deutsch: Stiefel Erkennt noch jemand außer mir die Ähnlichkeit?: að stíga bedeutet zu steigen bzw. zu treten. Der Wortteil vél bedeutet heutzutage Maschine oder Motor. Ich habe das Gefühl, daß es sich beim isländischen Wort um die ursprünglichere … Continue reading

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Re: Oh the pain

Referring to this earlier post. In November a person from their complaint department ((as I understand a different company)) contacted me and told me I would get a replacement. He arranged it so that I would receive it on short … Continue reading

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