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Referring to this earlier post.

In November a person from their complaint department1 contacted me and told me I would get a replacement.

He arranged it so that I would receive it on short notice in December, during my brief stay in Germany. And all went well. I got the replacement laptop (Elitebook 8770w) about six hours after my arrival. They allowed me one week to migrate my stuff over to the new laptop – which was sufficient. It then got picked up by another company the week after.

The new laptop has been a lot more stable ever since. It’s a whole different way of working without the constant fear of it crashing in the middle of some unsaved work. Let alone the problem to get back to the state you were at when it crashes, even with the work saved.

After an odyssey of of nearly ten months I’m glad this finally worked out. But I think it is also just to point out that it worked out and how. Let’s praise HP where that praise is due.

// Oliver

PS: there was a minor nuisance with the new – slim – power supply that was included with the new laptop. It made this buzzing noise that sounded like a fan or some short circuit at the open air. Although I would have liked this lighter and smaller power supply, I decided to send this one back and stick with my old one. Most of the time I use my laptop as a stationary workstation, so it’s of no relevance.

  1. as I understand a different company []
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