Did it

I took it easy and slow, but I officially started my C25K tonight, despite the crappy weather, I should add.

Let’s hope the amazing and inspiring transformation of Ben Davis will guide me through this long-term effort.

// Oliver (not even panting anymore ;))

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2 Responses to Did it

  1. Andrej says:

    Yeah. In my case, it didn’t work until I got a partner who shamed me into running with her every other day.

    The running, combined with the Fat Burning Furnace (the only dieting/workout plan on the net that convinced me to actually buy it) has had a tremendous effect with relatively modest time and effort investment.

  2. Oliver says:

    Hmm, that particular program was exactly one I was looking at the other day. But their advertisement method alone was appalling. I felt cheated for my time. Still, I think the principle as far as I understood it from people who bought it is all about an increased metabolism. No need to purchase that book, though. I’d rather spend some money on walking shoes etc.

    I shall see whether I can keep myself motivated.

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