Damn …

Trying to break into my Yoggie Open Firewall Pico via SSH since I forgot the password. Using the current method it will take approximately 41 days and 6 hours to finish around 1.5 million passwords. *gnarf*

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4 Responses to Damn …

  1. Michael says:

    Geduld du musst haben, junger Padawan.

  2. Marc says:


    I have dug my Yoggie open pico out of the cupboard only to find the yoggie site is gone and I dont have any of the sdk files, docs or sourcecode anymore.
    Do you still have any of these files by any chance>?

  3. Oliver says:

    Yes I do. I’m actually the enthusiast mentioned on txlab’s blog 😉 … saw your comment there as well. I’ll see how I can make the files available to you, gimme a day or two.

  4. Oliver says:

    Check your email 😉

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