Yep, polar bears are definitely endangered now!

While the Icelandic police had my understanding with shooting the first polar bear in twenty years, after it had approached a settlement, this is definitely just stupid now. There is no excuse for the killing of the two polar bears that were sighted on Monday this week. Tranquilizers should have been available this time, instead real bullets were used again.

And guess what, not the hostility of the (second) bear (this week) was the reason for it being killed – it was the stupid curiosity of journalists. Once the bear started approaching the journalists, it was shot. Nice job!

My proposal for the next time: let the bear kill one or two journalists in order to give the journalists the necessary impressions to develop some respect for such an animal and then you’ve bought yourself some time to get the tranquilizers and the cage to transport the polar bear back to Greenland or to some zoo alive.

// Oliver

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  1. Nawrot says:

    Agreed, with small difference, let the bear eat one journalist so rest have something to write about, poor jurnalists have nothing to write. Also few smashed puppies and some starving children would add much more drama lama factor to whole article. Do not forget some catching headlines like: “polar bear rapes journalist!” or so.

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