Little correction required!

As reported earlier, LS claimed here that the “free AAW” was just a “preview”. Nice PR gag, only a few questions left, such as why the users had to find out about this easter-egg (no announcements until after it was found) and why it needed “fixing” if it was a “preview”? And why was the “preview” period so short? Only few users had the chance to find out about it! I was one of them and since the chance for a “preview” is gone now for others, I can only help you by publishing the videos I captured when trying the “preview” myself.

Feel free to download the footage:

Also feel free to spread the videos. I claim no copyright, this is released into the PUBLIC DOMAIN!

// Oliver

PS: Both videos show essentially the same, but the second is a bit more professional and contains explicit proof to show this is not a fake!

Removed the download link.

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