Two more useful flags for cl.exe

/Be appears to spit out a make file ((arguably NMake flavored)) snippet that contains the recipe to reproduce a given run of cl.exe. It takes into account variables.

Check it out:

        @cd D:\17.7.5\x64
        @set INCLUDE=
        @set LIB=
        @set LIBPATH=
        @set CL=/nologo /utf-8
        @set _CL_=-permissive -nologo
        @set LINK=
        D:\17.7.5\x64\cl.exe /nologo /BE /Be /?

As you can see it takes care of changing into the directory, setting the various recognized environment variables and copying stuff from those that were set (CL and _CL_ in my case) and then invoking the same command line that I invoked.

Another useful switch appears to be /Bv which shows the versions of the binaries involved like so:

cl.exe /nologo /Bv
Compiler Passes:
 D:\17.7.5\x64\cl.exe:        Version 19.37.32825.0
 D:\17.7.5\x64\c1.dll:        Version 19.37.32825.0
 D:\17.7.5\x64\c1xx.dll:      Version 19.37.32825.0
 D:\17.7.5\x64\c2.dll:        Version 19.37.32825.0
 D:\17.7.5\x64\c1xx.dll:      Version 19.37.32825.0
 D:\17.7.5\x64\link.exe:      Version 14.37.32825.0
 D:\17.7.5\x64\mspdb140.dll:  Version 14.37.32825.0
 D:\17.7.5\x64\1033\clui.dll: Version 19.37.32825.0

cl : Command line error D8003 : missing source filename

// Oliver

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