(New) shittiest software from Microsoft in my book

Previously the so-called Office and especially Teams were ranking quite high among the shittiest software from Microsoft in my book. In fact Teams in all its incarnations is probably going to take up the four rear slots in my top five shittiest software list for as long as I have to use this crap.

Well, right now robocopy took this the first place, however. It just wiped a whole folder of ISO files clean when I told it — or rather that’s what I thought I had told it — to mirror folder A to location B\.

This shit piece of software wiped the whole of B and it did so prior to commencing the copying of the new content. What the flying eff? …

Common sense tells me copycommand A B\ means put A into B. However, robocopy knows that I meant to delete everything up front and then copy some stuff there, but not into it but instead the contents of A into B\.

Intuitive. Big time!

// Oliver

PS: I have backups and several GiB of the ISOs were only downloaded yesterday from my.visualstudio.com. So the annoying part is that this costs extra time and bandwidth now …

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