Reykjavík 101 from above

Almost two months ago a friend and colleague posted this video of a drone flight over snowy Reykjavík. The view is from the 105 to the 101 (downtown) area. The flight starts and ends at Þverholt 18.

Just beautiful, also due to the special lighting during wintertime.

// Oliver

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2 Responses to Reykjavík 101 from above

  1. Helgi Briem says:

    One could almost imagine, seeing this, that the earth were a globe and not flat as it obviously is.

  2. Oliver says:

    Well, that’s obviously the lens, though, Helgi. I mean even Þverholti looks quite bent prior to the departure of the drone. So rest assured, the Earth is flat. I’ve seen how flat it is for myself from airplanes and recently someone did an experiment with a spirit level on an airplane. I think the results are conclusive. :mrgreen:

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