Why you’ll want to visit Iceland #14

Breathtaking views around Þingvellir (literally: ting field).

By the way, the ting, that is the Germanic tribal gathering, and the English word thing1 are directly related. A thing (or ting) originally used to be a judicial matter to be discussed and decided during the ting. It later acquired the meaning of physical matter.

Þ (þ) is pronounced exactly like th in English and only occurs at the beginning of words2. It is voiceless (Þór). Its counterpart Ð (ð) occurs only inside words or at their end (Óðinn).

What do you do if you get lost in an Icelandic forest?3

View from Þingvellir / Ausblick von Þingvellir

View from Þingvellir / Ausblick von Þingvellir

Gute Gründe Island einen Besuch abzustatten #14

Atemberaubende Ausblicke um Þingvellir (wortwörtlich Tingfeld).

Übrigens sind der Ting, also die germanische Stammesversammlung, und das deutsche Wort Ding4 direkt verwandt. Ein Ding (bzw. Ting) bezeichnete ursprüngliche eine juristische Sache, welche im Rahmen des Tings besprochen und behandelt wurde. Später kam dann die Bedeutung körperlicher Sachen hinzu.

Was tut man wenn man sich in einem isländischen Wald verläuft?5

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  1. as well as German Ding []
  2. keep in mind that Icelandic allows for compound words and that each compound can start with Þ! []
  3. answer: you stand up []
  4. auch Englisch thing []
  5. Antwort: aufstehen []
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