The outrage in India …

… is understandable. More than that. One cannot possibly imagine the torture this woman went through – or, for that matter, all the other women going through similar torture at the hand of rapists every single day as the cold statistics from India tell us. And as much as I agree that the rapists would deserve hanging or some other form of death, I am strictly opposed capital punishment.

India tries hard to come across as a modern and civilized country. And they’ve come a long way. However … modern and civilized countries, in blue on the linked map, abolish capital punishment!

Oh, and as for the politicians: she wasn’t a hero. She was a victim. If anything, you could apply the label “martyr” to her, was it not for the connotations of the word. Let’s hope her death and her fight against death wasn’t in vein. The public outrage gives hope that things will change. Governments have trembled and fallen based on smaller issues.

// Oliver

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