Just did a workout that deserves that name. 150 x 25 m in 121 min. I know, I know this may not seem very fast, but it’s already a huge improvement in speed but most importantly in stamina. Admittedly I had one forced break under 10 sec, though … as a guy I met before started to talk to me during the turn 🙄

After it, I soaked for 10-15 min in the hot pot. Basically all pools in Reykjavík come with a hot pot. So if you pay a visit to Iceland, make sure to go to one of the public pools. Coincidentally I had the chance for a little smalltalk with a few Russians who joined me in the hot pot at the time :mrgreen: … my Russian is quite rusty now (I was slightly embarrassed).

After the hot pot I found that something else had been soaking as well. My towel had been dropped by someone. Since the floor is completely wet it was unusable. Luckily I was able to borrow one from the reception. They also do it for money, but I didn’t have any on me and they told me not to worry when I asked whether it was okay to bring the money tomorrow or on Friday.

Over and out,

// Oliver

PS: the improvement is from 120 x 25 m in 99 min on last Sunday. Which I had tried to repeat on Monday, when I got a cramp at about 113.5 laps.

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