Icelandic food for the win :)

Skyr may be used in a traditional Icelandic dish called hræringur (meaning “stirred” or “made by stirring”) which consists of roughly equal amounts of skyr and porridge. It is often mixed with jam or fruit for a dessert, or with cereals for breakfast. Children often like sugar sprinkled on top. It will keep without refrigeration, making it a good high-protein food to take on a trip.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Tried it myself. 500g Skyr and approx. 600g porridge cooked with water last night.

The look is not very convincing (slightly more pale than the porridge), but who cares about the looks at such a high proteine content :mrgreen: … chopped a banana on top of a bowl full of it. Might go for honey or something similar the next few times.

// Oliver

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