Thanks, Wikileaks!

I’ll leave the judgment whether Assange committed a crime under Swedish law to the Swedish judges. However, this ongoing leak has already created something like a small revolution. Of course a big one may just be around the corner, but the way Wikileaks and its front man were handled in the past few days was the best imaginable litmus test for the levels of freedom and democracy in the western world.

In particular I liked the condescending comments from Russia that suggested to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Assange for his deeds, despite (or perhaps because) of the condescending tone about Russian politicians in the cables.

Personally I’m interested whether there was any “interesting” communication after a US “smart weapon” struck the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999 😉 … but in general I watch this whole affair with a pinch of Schadenfreude and hope it’ll change the world for the better.

// Oliver

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