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Thanks, Wikileaks!

I’ll leave the judgment whether Assange committed a crime under Swedish law to the Swedish judges. However, this ongoing leak has already created something like a small revolution. Of course a big one may just be around the corner, but … Continue reading

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DNAT for a Jabber/XMPP service

Problem: you have one external IP and want to run separate services on different hosts behind the router. Here’s a small script to DNAT the router to the host behind it. Netfilter will take care of the return traffic (so … Continue reading

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Byobu on Debian Lenny

Apparently it is possible to use Byobu even on Debian. It was to be expected, as it should be fairly distribution-independent. You need to install screen, python-newt and then you can run: sudo dpkg -i byobu_3.16-0ubuntu1_all.deb Of course the package … Continue reading

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