DDKBUILD.CMD 7.4/r43 released

All the tests were successful, thus DDKBUILD.CMD version 7.4/r43 is now released. It adds support for the Windows 7 WDKs, with the variables W7BASE or WIN7BASE (for compatibility purposes with Hollistech’s DDKBUILD.BAT, like XPBASE). To list all the newly introduced targets, use the ordinary help output. Here the short version:

  • -W7, -WIN7
  • -W7I64, -WIN764
  • -W7X64, -WIN7A64
  • -W7LH, -WIN7WLH
  • -W7LHI64, -WIN7WLH64
  • -W7LHX64, -WIN7WLHA64
  • -W7NET, -WIN7NET
  • -W7NETI64, -WIN7NET64
  • -W7NETX64, -WIN7NETA64
  • -W7XP, -WIN7XP

Auto-detection was not updated. Why? Well, Microsoft has decided to drop the information that used to be placed into the registry. It would complicate things more than it would do good. And I will likely drop support for it altogether in future (or branch …). In addition to the above, the switch -cuv was added to invoke PREfast with the Call Usage Verifier – it implies -prefast and thus giving -prefast -cuv would already be redundant (but won’t hurt either).

Thanks to Mariusz for his contribution!

Enjoy the release. Download the latest version of DDKBUILD.CMD as always from the DDKWizard website or OSR Online.

If you prefer SVN, either update your working copy or export the (tagged) file:

svn export https://vcs.assarbad.net/svn/ddkbuild/tags/\

// Oliver

PS: the script hasn’t changed since revision 43 (from 2009-11-12), so you may already have the final version on your machine.

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