Gas home delivery

Wow. Today I had a pretty pleasant experience. Having asked a friend with a car to help me get a 10 kg gas (yes gas, not gasoline ;)) bottle refilled it turned out he wouldn’t manage to before the weekend. No big deal I thought, so I prepared to walk to some gas(oline) station over the weekend since they are known to sell (gaseous) gas as well.

Until I noticed a little note wrapped around the valve, stating a phone number and opening hours from 10:00 to 22:00 every day. As it turned out, those folks are offering a gas home delivery service. But what really startled me was the speed. Called them 19:09, doorbell rang 19:29. Wow. Simply wow.

// Oliver

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3 Responses to Gas home delivery

  1. Corrine says:

    Wow is right! It is refreshing to know that there still are companies that provide incredible service.

  2. Michael says:

    Well Iceland isn’t that big. And distances are short. Besides with the maximum of possible customers of about 320.000 people they will spend most of the time sitting around and waiting for a customer to call. 😉

  3. Oliver says:

    Before claiming short distances, come and check it out yourself. You might be stunned. Of course nothing compared to Russia or the US, but given most people live in the greater capital area “short distances” only holds for this area. Live on a farm 100 or 200 km from Reykjavik and your view of the world may change dramatically 😉

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