An ethereal song …

Joel Goldsmith has written a song that was performed by Rachel Lutrell, alias Teyla Emmagan (i.e. the name of the character), in the episode “Critical Mass”, that I really liked the first time I heard it. I was lucky enough to find it as downloadable video now, although I’d prefer a FLAC or even (“only”) MP3 for the occasional appearance in my playlist.

Find it at this site: Beyond the Night. I really wanted to share that, as it is so beautiful.

Kudos to Joel Goldsmith for this work. I’ve only heard so far, that the soundtrack for the SG-1 DVD movies is supposedly similarly ethereal. Won’t order it from here on Iceland, though.

// Oliver

PS: The site is the site of the author, i.e. Joel Goldsmith, so no worries. This wouldn’t be an illegal download.

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  1. mathias says:

    That reminds me to buy SG1’s final season on DVD. But there is still no budget version. 🙁

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