Little adventure with SourceForge’s CVS

In the scope of WinDirStat I had to take the little hurdle of branching in the past. Now, supposedly I could have simply opened a support request to the staff, but then I thought of it again, since I had done it locally on a Linux machine before. There was a problem, though: I wasn’t able to establish a shell connection to the CVS server. So the only thing left was to go the “classic” way. As mentioned before, I had done similar things before on a Linux machine, but that was at the same time the CVS server. So no fiddling around with protocols, establishing connections and so on.

This time it was a bit trickier, although not too tricky. But in order to save me (and perhaps others) from searching the command line options again and again, here it is for archival and for those who may face the same problem in future. This assumes that you have CVS access with your

set CVS_RSH=plink.exe
cvs -z6 ↵
 tag -b -f -R -D yyyy-mm-dd BranchName ModuleName

The green parts are the variable parts. “ModuleName” can also be a “.” (dot), which means all modules.

// Oliver

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