DDKBUILD.CMD 7.2 released (updated)

Hereby I announce the release of DDKBUILD.CMD 7.2. This release fixes one issue with errors not being properly extracted from the respective file. Consequently Visual Studio would not show the errors and you wouldn’t be able to double-click the item in the task list in order to jump to the code in question.

Apart from that, this release introduces one new configuration and aliases for existing ones, which make this version more compatible with the DDKBUILD script from Hollistech. The support goes even as far as understanding the XPBASE environment variable for the respective DDKs, which differs – or rather differed – in name from both OSR flavors before.

Note however, that certain command line options will never be supported by DDKBUILD.CMD, simply because it would be silly to offer “support” for something that can be achieved easily and reliably by using one of the build scripts. Those build scripts provide a kind of hook into the DDKBUILD.CMD process at certain times in order to customize the DDKBUILD process in an unprecedented way. Let me give you two examples.

In earlier DDKs it was possible to allow creation of .bsc files from within the sources file by giving the two lines:

BROWSERFILE=<some path>

This is no more possible in newer DDKs (and WDKs) as it seems. Instead it is necessary to set these as environment variables. Nothing easier than that with DDKBUILD.CMD. Simply create the ddkbldenv.cmd script – in this case even the ddkprebld.cmd script would likely be called early enough – and set the environment variables there. Et voila, you got a self-contained project, without having the hassle of modifying the user or system environment.

Another example is the call usage verifier, which exists – if I am not mistaken – since the Windows XP DDKs. This feature requires a variable named VERIFIER_DDK_EXTENSIONS to be set. Again, use the proper build script and you’re golden:


Enjoy the release. Download the latest version of DDKBUILD.CMD as always from the DDKWizard website.

// Oliver

Update: OSR has put up version 7.2 on OSR Online. Thanks to Mark from OSR!

PS: Note, that the DDKWizard manual details the build scripts a bit more. More information will follow in the form of a PDF file.
PPS: One new build type – WLHXP64 – was added.

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7 Responses to DDKBUILD.CMD 7.2 released (updated)

  1. Empyrium says:

    Thanks for your tool, it really made my driver development easier! 🙂

  2. alex says:

    In spite of apparently lot of info about DDKBUILD in the web, NO STEP-BY-STEP info was found. I still wasted a frustrating whole day to create the BSC file and use it in VC++ 8.0 express. It applies to both OSR & HOLLISTECH DDKBUILD.

    latest DDK version 6001.18001
    Here are the actual steps

    1. Add this line to the sources file
    This is to create somesourcefile.SBR file

    2. Create a file named SBRLIST.TXT and add line(S)
    you may have in your project in seperate lines

    3. Inside VC++ express edition IDE, open menu
    VIEW -> solution explorer.
    Right click on the and -> to point to the newly created BSC file

    THATS ALL !!

    Now you have source level browsing like RIGHT CLICK on any function name and etc.,

    * still one frustrating problem ( minor ) remains and i am looking into it.

    ** Since VC++ is using this BSC file, subsequent BUILDS fail with error “…cannot open…BSC file..access denied…” or something like that. So every time before i build i have to remove this BSC file the project and add later. So if you plan on a session of frequent BUILDS, avoid adding this BSC file to the project, till last


  3. Oliver says:

    I know it is a bit late to reply, but the DDKWizard manual contains a detailed information about DDKBUILD and how to use it. I am working at something even more detailed, though.

    Browse files are not yet covered in the manual, because I never ever use them. Using Visual Assist X, I have found a much better replacement.

    // Oliver

  4. shohug says:

    Performing Makefile project actions
    OSR DDKBUILD.CMD V7.3/r27 (2008-09-06) – OSR, Open Systems Resources, Inc.
    DDKBLD: The target directory seemed to not contain a DIRS or SOURCES file
    DDKBLD: when trying to set a custom environment! Quitting.
    The system cannot find the file specified.
    DDKBLD: ERROR #8: ‘=”
    DDKBLD: -> Target directory: h:\prog\third\third\-cZ

    “please help me with this error code”

  5. Oliver says:

    Well, from the first glance there is definitely a whitespace missing between the “-cZ” and the name of the directory, or not? :mrgreen:

    // Oliver

  6. shohug says:

    Oliver thnks for the reply but i tried both leaving a space or not. please help me!!

  7. Oliver says:

    Well, I cannot help with this little information. The script clearly states what error #8 means:

    008 == Given target directory does not exist.

    The missing space is definitely an issue. And then the folder “h:\prog\third\third” must contain either a DIRS or a SOURCES file. Else nothing will work.

    // Oliver

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