From Dusk Till Dawn

One of my favorite movie characters, Ambrose Bierce (played by Michael Parks) in “The Hangman’s Daughter” about the bible:

Ambrose Bierce: My singular critique of the good book … is, that its covers are too far apart.
Mary Newlie: Excuse me?
Ambrose Bierce: I am of the opinion that the, uh, bible … is perhaps, the greatest assemblage of lies and untruths ever gathered together, with the possible exception of the Congressional record.
Mary Newlie: Are you an atheist, sir?
Ambrose Bierce: Yes, ma’am. Thanks to your god, I am an atheist.
Mary Newlie: Then there is no hope for your soul on the final day. When Gabriel blows his horn, your ears will be deaf … to the resounding tone of its glory, Mr. Bierce.
Ambrose Bierce: Oh, no – on the contrary, when Gabriel blows his … horn, I shall be playing the tuba.

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